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Text lines can be unselectable when in draft mode, Storyist for iPad

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I done founded me a bug.


When using Storyist on iPad in draft mode, any line of text on the screen that would ordinarily occur at a page break is not directly selectable by tapping.


What appears to be happening here is the draft mode page view, when it reaches the "end" of a given page, doesn't quite seamlessly overlap with the "beginning" of the next page.


My workaround is to add a return or two above the place where I want to tap to select.


I've attached a couple of screenshots to illustrate what I mean.


Here, I'm working in draft mode. The insertion cursor is located at the line above the line I want to select by tapping. I cannot select the line immediately underneath it by tapping; I have to use the selection bars. Because I can't use the insertion cursor, there's no way for me to easily insert a word in the line I'd like to target.




Here, I'm not in draft mode. As you can see I'm able to tap to put the insertion cursor at the line where I wanted it.




As you can see, the culprit would appear to be the page break location. In draft mode, those page breaks are hidden from view, but it appears that they're still somehow active in the background, and can interfere with user selection by tapping.


Since I usually work in draft mode — as page breaks mean little to me when I'm actually composing — this can be problematic when I want to edit.

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Hi Warren,


Thanks for the report. I've moved it to the Storyist/iPad section for you.


The screenshots are very helpful. I'll take a look at it and see if I can reproduce it here.



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