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I'm not actually sure what to call this. When I'm in draft mode, all the pseudomargins go away — top and bottom, left and right. That's fine, because I don't want or need them there. However, the entire view becomes larger by maybe 20%.


The reason that's inconvenient is that I have fewer lines of text on screen then, since the text size has been scaled up.


What I'd like is for draft mode to be magical, in that it magically knows not to scale text, so I don't have to manually reduce the size of the typeface in order to fit more lines of text on screen.


Screenshots to illustrate what I mean…


Here, I'm in default mode. As you can see, 8 lines of text are visible in the display.




This is in draft mode. Now only 6 lines (well, 5.5 or thereabouts) of text are visible, because the entire "page" has been enlarged onscreen.




It seems as though draft mode is basically zooming in on the page to hide the margins; optimally, draft mode would allow entry without reference to margins at all, instead using the left edge of the screen as the left margin, and soft-wrapping at the right. Does this make sense?

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