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What do I do? I write RPG material

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Hi Nadin,


Welcome to the group.


(The World of Kir has nice Doom Palms.)




That was my 3D program, which I happen to love.


It helps produce nice art. It's called VUE, and my Mac copy behaves better than the WIN copy...


It is a fun side hobby


Working on the short story for the site though... and it is going a major rewrite. I had three months of not writing at all due to a family emergency, and when I came back to the grind, it was difficult to make sense of it. What a little time off will do huh? And it was different than the ever so popular writer's block. I just could not get the structure right.


On the plus side, took notes, so I can see a non fiction out of that one... on aging parents and how to take care of them

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