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Characters Their Creation, Revision and Deletion

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I am 50K words into a new novel, I have deleted characters and for many resurrected them in new pages or raised new character pages several times.


The problem is, when in 'Section Sheet' or 'Plot', when I attempt to add a Character to the file I have a list of all previous deleted files held somewhere in the memory showing up in the drop down list, which may list the same character several times and when inserted, I find are the incorrect files.


How do I delete old files from the drop down list and leave myself with the few I actually require.


I have attempted to raise a 'New Project' and copy the work I wish to keep across, but it will not allow me to do this. I cannot copy any of the 'Section Sheets' - 'Plot' pages - 'Characters' etc to a New Project to restart what I already have, or to do a follow up sequel??

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Hi Barynz,


The character sheets you're seeing are probably in the project trash. If you empty the project trash (Project > Empty Project Trash), they won't appear in the lists any more.



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Thanks for that, no need to say it worked. I've spent a day and a half struggling with this. It just goes to show, the simplest methods are always the easiest and too much knowledge is not always a good thing.


Hell, I even read the manual and I'm a bloke. Please don't tell anyone else


Truly, Thank You

John Baryn (Barynz)

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