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Does pinned outline with full page view to right work on iPad Air?

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Hope I haven't missed the answer to this somewhere... I did search the forums and Google....


Just purchased and tried Storyist on my first generation iPad. Looks nice.


One problem/aggravation.... while pinning the outline so that it displays on the left and a full editable page view displays on the right works in landscape mode, it doesn't work (isn't pinnable) in portrait mode. No pin icon/button and if outline is displayed, can only see right portion of the page view and if attempt to edit page, page takes over the screen, shoving outline out of sight.


I'm guessing this has to do with the first generation iPad's iOS version (5) or its lower resolution.


Does this work on an iPad Air with Retina display and iOS7?


I.E. Can I write in pinned mode in portrait mode/view on it, with both pinned outline on left side and editable full page view to right?



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Hi, Springfield MH,

No, you can't pin an outline and work full-page in portrait mode even on more recent iPads. I'm guessing that's because there isn't enough screen real estate in portrait mode: the outline swallows up half the page.


I had to go check, because I only ever write on my iPad in landscape mode. But it's true: there is no pin button in the outline in portrait mode.

Welcome to the forums,


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