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I've been dabbling with Storyist for a while & I think part of the problem I have is I don't quite get how Storyist is meant to work I apologise if this has been asked before.


If I have 3 linked works either, novel or screenplay, that share characters &/or should they all live in 1 project?


The second question is, is there a way to share characters / locations between projects.


I am only using the iPad & iphone versions unfortunately I don't have a MAC


Thanks for your help



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Hi Richard,


You can certainly have more than one manuscript (novel or screenplay) in one project. Many people who are writing series do just that so that they can track their characters across books.


The easiest way to share character and setting data between projects is to copy/paste it from one project to another. This will work with both the iOS and Mac version.



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I assume by copying, the only way to copy a character is to do it one field at a time?

I've just tried on my ipad & I can't copy the entire sheet in one go?


Many thanks for the quick response, it's an excellent app :) just trying to understand it

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