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I'm seriously considering using Draft2Digital to publish my book.


They will take a readable format and convert it to ePub, Mobi and a print on demand CreateSpace format. They load it into half a dozen online book stores and manage changes across multiple stores at the same time.


Though not perfect, it looks like it might be a good service. Though I'm interested in anyone's comments on using Draft2Digital, my question really comes down to exporting from Storyist in a format that works well for the Draft2Digital conversion.


Currently, my Storyist novel has text files for the Copyright page, a Preface, About the Author, Dedication, a special Map page and then everything else is in the Manuscript.


When I expect to DOC format, which Draft2Digital likes, I get a bunch of .doc files and the images don't seem to be included - which means I then need to pull all these into a single .doc file and add the images back to upload to Draft2Digital.


So.... it looks like I really need to put everything into the Manuscript and have no supplementary text files in my novel, but will still need to manage the images manually.


It also wants to have a more distinct Chapter representation, so I'm going to change the style to bold the chapter titles and hope that this gets extracted in the DOC extract. If not I'll have to bold these in Word before uploading to Draft2Digital I guess.


I've a few more formatting issues to work out, but I was really looking for any other suggestions on how to best work with Draft2Digital from source in Storyist.


Any comments?



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