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Index Cards Too Small

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The index cards are too small and I can barely read the font which is about an eight of an inch, unreadable. I didn't have this problem before, and then after closing and reponing Storyist the index cards are very small. How can I make them bigger? I'm currently viewing 3 to a line. I've tried the slide bar lower right. I've tried the Storyist zoom keys and the Mac zoom keys. Nothing makes them bigger. Thanks for any help.

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Hi Jgates,


Thats odd. You should be able to control the size of the index card using either the zoom slider at the bottom of the storyboard view or the View > Zoom > Zoom In command.


If these aren't working for you, send a quick email to the support address and we'll investigate. Please include which versions of Storyist and Mac OS X you're using, along with a screenshot if possible.


Note that you can change the size of the font used in the cards using the Fonts tab in the Appearance pane.



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Hi Steve,

Thanks for responding to my question so quickly. I was able to adjust the fonts in the Appearance pane and things are much better. I had to bump the index card font to 14pt in order to read them. This still seems a little odd that this the work around for making the index cards bigger. I'll send the info of the problem and screen shot to support just so they can see what the problem is. But for now, the work-around is working.





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