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Updating problem

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When it tries to install the update, it sends up a note saying it doesn't have permission to write on the directory and to contact the administrator? Can anyone tell me why I'm receiving this notice? Thanks


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Hi Vicki,


You're probably running Storyist from the disk image (that is, the .dmg file) instead of from your hard drive. The disk image is read-only, so the updater can't write to it.


Try this:

  1. Click on Storyist.dmg to open the disk image.
  2. Drag the Storyist icon into your Applications folder.
  3. Close and unmount the disk image.
  4. Drag Storyist.dmg to the trash.
  5. Launch the Storyist app from your Applications folder.
  6. Choose Storyist > Preferences and click "Check Now" in the software update pane.

You should now be able to install any available updates.



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