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Automatic Section Sheets in Storyist 3

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I'm having trouble figuring how if you can have automatic section sheets created in Storyist 3. I found this on an old post:


"You can set Storyist to create section sheets automatically when you add a section. To do that, right-click or Control-click on My Manuscript (or whatever you call your work) and choose "Edit 'My Manuscript' Preferences." Where it says "Sheet handling," make sure the box next to Create sheets automatically has a check mark in it. Then the name of your new section sheet should show up in the list."


But if I right-click on My Manuscript in the Project view, I don't see "Edit 'My Manuscript' Preferences" ...am I looking in the wrong place? Or is it done differently in Storyist 3? A screenshot of where to find "my manuscript preferences" would be awesome if anyone has one.





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Hi Daria,


The manuscript preferences moved from an independent window in version 2 to an inspector in version 3. See the screenshots below.


Item Preferences (v2).png


Item Preferences.png


There were a number of usability issues with automatic sheet creation in v2, so the option was removed for version 3. You can still create the sheets, of course.



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