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Trouble with images from .docx

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Hello everyone!


I've just completed a project in Pages and would like to release it on Kindle. I would like to use Storyist for this (and will of course start my next project in Storyist right away...).


But here's the problem: my project contains many images that are an integral part of the book. Because my book is a Pages document, I cannot natively import it into Storyist. Therefore, I chose to export it as .docx. Sadly though, none of the images (or formatting) show up in Storyist. Both work fine in Pages and Word 2011. Have I overlooked a tick box somewhere? Is there another way to import my Pages document into Storyist?


I'm opening the .docx version in Storyist via File - Open (I've also tried File - Import, but the results are the same).


Thanks in advance for any valuable insights!

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Hi Versluis,


Storyist uses the OS X .docx importer that Apple makes available to developers. It's the same one they use in TextEdit, but not, unfortunately, in Pages. As a result, it doesn't get updated as frequently and has some quirks.


The best way to get from Pages to Storyist is to export a .docx from Pages to Word, and then save the file from Word as an RTF file for Storyist. Storyist implements its own RTF converter, and can get header, footer, and stylesheet information in addition to the formatted text.


Hope this helps.



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Hi Steve,


that's a great idea - thanks for the tip! I tried it and the formatting stays intact indeed Sadly though, none of my images have made it across. They're all PNG files I had dragged into the Pages document. Although the RTF file is now 25x the size of my Pages document, I assume the images are present there - but when I open the RTF in TextEdit they also don't show.


I was successful with copying and pasting my words from Pages directly into Storyist: this also preserved the formatting, although I have to redefine the styles (which makes sense). Images however didn't make it across either. Is there a way to bring them over? I believe individually copying and pasting single images works, but that's a lot of work.



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I'm not familiar enough with Pages to know, but maybe you can convert the PNG documents to another format like JPGs, that will copy over better?



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