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Loving the new syncing

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I don't understand how to set up iCloud syncing between my iPad and my Mac.


I have a folder in my iCloud Drive called Storyist that I created, but my iPad cannot see the files in there.


Storyist has created a folder on my iCould Drive called Storyist (that I can see from the website) that my Mac cannot see.

What am I doing wrong?



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Never mind.


I renamed the folder and then I was able to see into it from the iPad.


Once I imported a file to the iPad, I was able to see into that folder from the Mac.


It appears that having a folder named Storying on my iCloud drive messed things up....



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I'm having a bit of trouble with this.


  • I had a folder in iCloud Drive named Storyist before this new iOS.
  • I've always used DropBox, but I must have dabbled with iCloud at some point to have had this folder created. I'm pretty sure that I never created it manually (but I could be remembering wrong).
  • With this iOS version, I selected iCloud when prompted.
  • I moved a DropBox version of a current project to iCloud Drive folder using the Mac
  • On my iPhone, I see two folders named Storyist. One has a nice folder icon, the other just looks like a blank folder.
  • The Storyist folder on the iPhone is not visible on the Mac.
  • Renaming and/or deleting the Mac version of the folder doesn't seem to change anything.
  • If I add a file from the Mac-visible folder to my iPhone from the Mac-visible folder, it seems that the iOS version gets a copy and then synchs it up to the iOS-visible folder on iCloud.
  • In this scenario, I have two independent files that do not synch with each other.
  • I cannot find the iOS-visible folder (or its contents) anywhere on my Mac using search.

I'm back in DropBox mode now, until I can figure this out.


Any ideas?





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Hi Kim,


The issue seems to be that the Storyist folder that the iOS version is syncing to is not visible on your Mac. This sounds a lot like the issue that thewitt was seeing.


The first thing to try would be to move the current Storyist folder out of the iCloud drive folder on your Mac and then do something that causes the iCloud service on your Mac to sync. Creating a file in another app's folder sometimes does the trick. If not, you might need to wait a little while for the sync to occur.


If that doesn't work, let me know.


Also, are you running 10.10.2 or later? If not, it's probably a good idea to update.



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I renamed the old Storyist folder and then using the iCloud import function on the iPad I pulled in the story files and now I can see the Storyist folder from both machines no problem.

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Hi there,


Thanks for helping. This is a weird one.


I've done the following after taking your advice under consideration:

  • Renamed folder on Mac in iCloud Drive
  • Changed Storyist iOS on phone to be on iCloud. Doing this seemed to sync copies to the iCloud.
  • Created a new text file on the iPhone named "FindMe!". This also seemed to sync.
  • Looked in iCloud Drive but didn't see any new folder created, or new files synched.
  • Performed a search on all volumes, including hidden files and folders for the file named "FindMe!". This provided no results.

Oddly, this is similar behavior to another application, MindNode Pro, except that I can see that this app stores it's files in a directory under /Library/Mobile Applications/, which is where things were stored in the interim between iCloud and iCloud Drive, and I can actually see these files when searching for them.


On my iPhone, two folders are clearly visible when I tap the plus sign and select iCloud Drive: there is one called Storyist with a nice icon than holds the files I mentioned prior that seemed to be synched, and there is the one that I have renamed.


I appreciate any assistance you might be able to provide, and since DropBox works and has always worked, I'm not really in any rush to get this working.


All the best,



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