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No writer works in isolation today. Whether he produces text inside a company or from a home office, before he is published in any media, at least one editor will scrutinize his work, most likely using MS Word, and communicate his edits through the Track Changes feature. The business of written communications would be ham-strung if writers and editors could not track changes.


I'm demoning Storyist now. I really like the program. It looks nice. It's easy to use and it suits my workflow better than Scrivener, Ulysses, Nissus or Pages.


But it cannot become my work-a-day tool without the ability to track changes.


I hope someone is listening.


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You expect your editor to also work in Storyist?


When it's time for me to send my book to an editor, I export to RTF, pull it into Open Office and save as DOC. When I get the recommended changes back, I manually apply them in Storyist if I agree with them.


My editor will never work in anything but Word.


I won't write in Word...

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My editors all work in Word. I don't expect them to change.


I export to Word and receive edits in Word just as you do.


But I don't want to review or add changes manually. Not the most efficient use of my time. Creates potential for errors.


I used Pages. It exchanges Word files and tracks changes with no problems. Unfortunately, Apple removed so many essential features in version 5, I can no longer use it. Hence my search for another writing program.


Hope I clarified my original post.

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