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How much does Storyist store ON my iphone?

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Does Storyist actually store a copy of the file on my iphone so I can work offline, and then sync when I get online again? Does it store *everything* in my Storyist project on my phone (which is what I want) or only download files as it needs them, a little bit like Evernote, leaving you stranded if you're not online in that coffee shop or where-ever? (Or worse, permanently losing your notes if dropbox dies!)

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I'm sure Steve can supply you with details, but my experience as a user is that Storyist stores a copy of *everything* on every device that you use. So you'll have a copy of all the content within your project file (or files). As far as syncing is concerned, my experience is via Dropbox, and that works well particularly with the new auto-syncing.

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