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searching metadata (iptc, keywords) from images

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hey there!


I love Storyist for its integration of writing environment, structuring and it´s visual cues (like collages).

now I am working heavily with visual information. that includes working with images taken as their own information units, not only as illustrations. so importing images into Storyyist *plus* having the metadata available in Storyist is a real treat! (– especially given what you can then do with images - i.e. sorting, inserting, collaging, etc.).


a second real 'selling point' of Storyist for me was search. so I can put any information anywhere, and immediately see where it is used, stored, filed etc.... this helps greatly in building up beyond linear writing.


now combine the two.


then to my mind – and in a scenario where you work with images in this 'autonomous fashion' – a lot of advantages already there in Storyist in principal are to some degree lost/taken away again (I don´t want to say mutilated...), because one cannot find the metadata of images (though actually present and even shown in the info panel).


– I am aware/sure there are good reasons to have a search that only shows up text that is part of titles and actual text-body/-corpus.

but then given that Storyist is so good (and made for) building stories up, there are equally good reasons that information already in the project should be easily retrievable and usable for that purpose, and that there should be one way of searching/finding them (either as part of the general search, via a different enhanced search, or by chosing the kind/scope of search).


to cut it short here: I would like a way to search that also searches the metadata-/comment-fields of the content imported. :-) please. :-)


thx for considering + best!


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