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I'm missing my precious symbol

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I'm relatively new with Storyist, and now I have found a problem I can't solve, so I'm turning to you and hope you can help me.

I use these: «» , when I write the lines. And when I've used other writing programs I've got it automatically over the 2 on my keyboard. Now I only get the ".

Does anyone know how I get these symbols in the most easy way? It so darn complicated to use copy and paste all the time...


Thank you

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On the iPad, tap 123 for the numeric keyboard, then tap and hold the " key. You'll get the option of guillemets as well as curly quotes.


On the Mac, hold down the Option and \ keys simultaneously for « and Shift-Option-\ for ». You get used to it after a while, and you can type them really fast.

Best, and welcome to the forums,


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