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considering purchase; couple questions

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I've had a pretty thorough look around and haven't been able to figure out if the $59 for Storyist includes the iOS version, or if you have to pay for them separately.


As I play with the demo I'll have more questions, but that's the first and probably most important, as I go back and forth between my iPad and my MacBook Pro.



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Hi, again,

The desktop version and the app are separate purchases. The integration is very smooth, so going back and forth is no problem. But the Mac app does things that the iPad app does not, because screen real estate and other things are more limited on the iPad. And the iPad app does a few things the Mac does not (mostly, it's a matter of presentation), although Steve Shepard, the developer, is gradually bringing those features to the Mac.


For example, to define the custom fields I mentioned in the other post, you need the Mac version (I think that's still true; I use my iPad mostly for quick edits, but it was certainly true the last time I worked with sheets on the iPad). Changing style definitions is another Mac-only feature.


If cost is an issue, and you don't mind dealing with the occasional software glitch and reporting what goes wrong, you could write to Steve about joining the beta program. I don't know if he's looking for new beta testers at the moment, but he may well be.



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Hi greenery,


To add to what Marguerite said:

  • I'm always looking for intrepid souls for the beta team. If you're interested in helping with that, please PM me here at the forums.
  • The Mac version also has more export format options (.epub, Kindle, .docx).
  • Support for changing style definitions on the iPad was actually added in version 2. :)


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