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New user regarding import possible bug?

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I saved a Libre Office file as an rtf, and then opened it with Storyist. But something weird: somehow in the translation, the whole document has been turned into a list with numbers and bullets and dots, etc. I tried highlighting the text and choosing the document-fiction style, but the list numbers stay.


Am I missing something about how to reveal formatting so I can either delete the list/numbering thing that's going on, or is there another way to approach this?


Thank you.

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Hi greenery,


In Storyist, you can remove lists by selecting the text, choosing Format > Text > List and choosing "None" from the list popup. That may be a tedious way to go though.


I'm not that familiar with Libre Office. Do you get the same results (the bulleted lists) if you open the RTF it creates in Text Edit or Word? If so, then perhaps you can try another format?



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