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Storyist 3.2 for Mac is Available. (El Capitan-Ready)

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Hi Folks,


Storyist 3.2 for Mac is available. If you're planning on upgrading to OS X El Capitan tomorrow, you'll want to download it too.


It includes new features, bug fixes, stability enhancements, and support for OS X El Capitan. Specifically:

  • A new comment inspector, located in the inspector sidebar, shows the list of comments in the text file. A search field lets you quickly find the comment you're looking for (like in Storyist for iOS.)
  • Storyist now supports "range" comments that span blocks of text in addition to "point" comments.
  • The comment popover has been redesign and now has a delete button and controls for moving to the previous/next comment. It also now shows the modification date of the comment.
  • The comment popover now tracks its location in the text when the text is scrolled.
  • Storyist now supports El Capitan's split "full screen" feature.
  • A page count is now available in the file stats popover when the text editor is in page mode.
  • The RTF converters can now import/export inline images in the format the Word expects.
  • The RTF converters now correctly handle line spacing for paragraphs with font sizes other than the default.
  • Clicking and dragging the styles control in the status bar no longer drags the window to a new location.
  • Storyist no longer takes an exception when navigating to some story sheets when running on El Capitan.
  • Storyist no longer crashes when you drag a .storyist2license file to the application while it is running.
  • Storyist no longer crashes in certain circumstances when using style shortcut key combinations.


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