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Issues Importing Scrivener Files

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I'm having a serious problem with importing my scrivener files and it's driving me crazy. I'm getting the feeling that Storyist cannot read .scriv files created on the Windows platform because when I upload them into my cloud and try to open them, they are greyed out and unreadable. I've tried just about everything I can think of and have googled this topic endlessly. I hope I can find a solution here.


I understand that the way windows write .scriv files is different from how OSX does it but I am feeling like I spent $14 for an app that I won't be able to use; it's a very frustrating thought. I seriously hope I didn't miss an important detail in the app description...


I am running the latest version of Storyist and 1.8 of Scrivener.

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Hi, AshesJH, and welcome to Storyist,

First off, you can certainly use Storyist. Worst case, you merge whatever parts of the file you want merged in Scrivener, save the pieces to RTF, and import that file to Storyist.


On importing from Scrivener directly, I'll let Steve handle that question. Could be that it's a version problem. Scrivener on the Mac is up to 2.7. But I don't know that for sure.



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