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storyist freezing on ipad.

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three days ago, Ipad and storyist worked harmoniously. Then, two days ago...storyist is constantly freezing and being unresponsive. (3.1.1 on an ipad2 running ios 9.1,)


updated ipad to see if that would fix things, and nope.


We thought it might be the bluetooth keyboard but no, it all traces back to some issue storyist is now having.


I'm at a total loss as to what's happening.

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Hi nicovamp,


Ok, let's investigate. Please send a quick email to support@storyist.com with info about

  1. What you're doing when Storyist for iOS freezes.
  2. Where you're storing files (iCloud, Dropbox, iPad only).
  3. What type of file you're editing (Storyist, RTF, plain text, Scrivener, FDX, or Fountain).
  4. What language you're writing in.
  5. Whether this happens with all files, or just one it particular.
  6. What version of iOS you were using before upgrading to 9.1.

If Storyist had been working fine, and it just started happening, I suspect there is something going on with the file or the cloud service.



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Thanks nicovamp.


For those following along: The issue was that the manuscript contained many pages of spaces at the end of the file (as if a book was resting on the space key at some point). iOS uses spaces to delimit words, so checking that many spaces took a LOOOONG time on iOS 9.1. Removing the spaces resolved the problem.



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