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Hello everybody,


First, I'm a french writer so sorry for my english.

I'm methods engineer, thriller and SF writer.

I used to write daily since 2001 and I'm a Storyist user for years.

My two last novels (second part of "Baron Noir", my steampunk serie, and "Evariste", a thriller) were written on Storyist and I'm working on the third volume of the Baron Noir saga (250 pages yet. 100 more expected).

For novel, I don't know a better tool than Storyist. I love the way to prepare the novel structure on iPad, and the way to write and follow the work on my computer.

For technical book (I wrote a cookbook, and I'm working on a knowledge management manual), I prefer using other tools, as Ulysse (sorry for that). But I tried using Ulysse for a novel and I resign after 3 chapters : for large file, nothing is better than the Storyist Chapter/section view.


So long life to Storyist. I hope this tool will continue to improve, and I'm ready to give a hand if required (for french interface translation for example).

Best regards,

Olivier Gechter

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Hi Oliver,


Thank you for the kind words and for the offer to help on the upcoming French translation. I'll let you know as soon as the translation starts.


Love the covers for Baron Noir and Evariste, by the way.



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