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Opening file in Dropbox

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Hi a new user here so forgive me if there is a simple answer to this.


My work is syncing beautifully between iPad and iPhone via Dropbox.


But when I go to the Storyist app section in Dropbox I can't open the file. I had hoped there would be an accessible backup in Dropbox.


I tried unzipping the file in another app but that didn't work.


Any thoughts please?

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Dropbox doesn't recognize the file type.


The file is there, and it is a backup, but you can't open it in Dropbox itself—only in one of the Storyist apps. It's a limitation of Dropbox, not Storyist.


A Storyist file is actually a collection of files (text, images, sheets). If you unzip it, you have all the component parts, but not the unified project. But rest assured that the whole project is backed up. I've never known anything to go missing, and I've been syncing via Dropbox for years.



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