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I converted some Word docs into rtf to use in Storyist but read that I can't use the file card feature with these.


Can I change the file format within the app? Or what should I change the files to from Word, to import into Storyist to use the cards?


Many thanks!

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Hi, Stellar,

Index cards are associated with your text. They are not the text itself but a way of displaying notes about it. That's true whether you import the file as RTF or type it directly into Storyist.


Character, setting, and plot sheets are already descriptive, so the summary field is displayed in the index card and outline views. But the actual text of your manuscript is usually too long to fit on a card, so instead the card is for typing a short description of the section and any concerns you have about it. For example: "Joe discovers the missing manuscript. Why doesn't Susan see him find it?"


Hope that helps,


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Hi Stellar,


You're correct. RTF does support the index card metadata. As Marguerite points out, this information is for notes about the text, not the text itself.


To use the index card feature, just import the RTF file into a Storyist project and you'll be all set.



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