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You may want to spend some time working on how your app shows up in the app store. I was looking for the kindle app and Stryoist showed up. Why? Its not a reading app, and no other major writing app showed up.


(Picture 1)


When I did a search for Scrivener, other apps showed up too, but not Storyist


(picture 2)


When I search for "writing", scrivener was first, and Storyist was way down, lost amongst a lot of relevant and irrelevant apps


(Picture 3)


Just a suggestion. Maybe you have already tried to make this happen.




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Thanks Shandor.


Storyist probably shows up in Kindle searches because it can create Kindle editions.


Apple's search ranking is a little opaque, and developers do need to stay on top of it. They don't publish much keyword guidance like Google does. I'm pretty sure the ranking engine change again recently with the introduction of Search Ads on iOS.



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