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I have no idea how pagination works in the ios version. I know you can choose various styles to paginate with, but what each means is a mystery.

My real problem is that pagination that appears on the desktop version goes away in the ios version. In ios, dialogue gets separated from character across pages (in playwriting anyway) and dialogue gets split across pages.


My problem is that I use ios, not the desktop to write scripts. And I send scripts from within storyist. I am sending out scripts that aren't paginated correctly which makes me look very unprofessional.


How long until this is fixed?



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Hi, Lawrence,

I have seen pagination change from the Mac to the iOS versions, but I use the iOS app only for correcting text after I've shut down my computer, so I can't help. For me it's not a problem because it goes back when I reopen the file on the Mac.


Have you tried adjusting margins? Or checking to see if Widow/Orphan protection is included in the latest iOS version? I think those are the most likely culprits for what's causing the discrepancy.


Steve will probably be around soon to respond.



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Hi Lawrence,


Apologies for the delayed reply.


The iOS version doesn't yet support widows and orphan control, which is why a character name can end up at the bottom of a page with the next paragraph (the dialog) on the following page.


This feature is on the list for a future release, but I don't have a date for you. The widow and orphan processing takes quite a bit of processing power, and the original iPad Mini and some older phones are a little underpowered for the job.



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