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Is there a programming reason why neither Pages or Storyist have a "select sentence" feature? It is such a glaring omission given the easy double and triple clicks for word and paragraph. Logically it should be triple click for a sentence and four click for paragraph. But it that's not possible, why not fn (control, option or command)-double click.


Has anyone written a script for this or some way to automate a sentence-select?

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Hi Mark,


The current behavior (triple-click to select a paragraph) is the way the Mac text system works. The reason is probably historical and has to do with the fact that the lexical analysis necessary to recognize sentence boundaries is a little more involved that simply searching for a period. Consider the following sentence:


Mr. Smith went 818.5 miles from St. Louis to Washington after planning the trip on www.google.com.


Any algorithm would have to understand abbreviations and decimal numbers and URLS and ... And that is just for English.



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