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Hello everybody

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Hi all,


New to the forums, and fairly new to Storyist software. I've known Steve for a while, and I am a native German speaker, and that comes in handy now that I'm going to help with the German translation of Storyist.


If you know my name (Elke Sisco) or the nickname I almost always use online (elkit), you can find all my online traces. If you don't feel like googling, let me give you a shortcut or two if you're curious about me:

I blog at Elkit in Wonderland, and I post photos on flickr. And because I could, I bought my name domain. I'm so vain. I probably think this song is about me. :lol:


If and when I'm not connected to the intertubes, I read, or go to the movies. Or hang out at home in San Jose with my three cats. Not all that exciting, is it? I'm sorry.




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Yes, welcome moonmoon. I read your post on the screenwriting template. Do you use Storyist mostly for screenwriting? Any suggestions for enhancing Storyist's screenwriting abilities? Looking forward to hearing more from you.


Have you considered using a picture of a moon or two for your forum icon? I bet there are some good ones you can drag off Google Image. Or perhaps a lunar deity? Plenty to choose from.


(Not ignoring you, Elkit. We exchanged greetings elsewhere in the forum.)


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