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storyist on Mac syncing with Windows Scrivener (or any better idea between mac and windows?)

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I have purchased Storyist a while ago, but due to my work, need to be on Windows often. I still have MacBook, but am mostly now on Windows.

1. One thought: Can you please suggest the best way to write on any/both laptops, easily syncing between both? I do have iCloud, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box to store the files, but would want to have my writing project on any/both.


2. Another idea: I am planning to purchase Scrivener for Windows laptop. Can you please outline (with all the steps) the process of syncing with Mac and then back?

Thank you.

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One note from someone who uses both Storyist and Scrivener on Mac (I prefer Storyist, but my work projects have many, many footnotes) and has tried to exchange files with writer friends who use Scrivener for Windows. The two versions of Scrivener are not compatible: that is, Scrivener for Mac can't open Scrivener for Windows files and vice versa. So Storyist is actually a better option for working with Scrivener for Windows files on the Mac than Scrivener itself is.

Weird, I know, but that's been my experience.



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