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Storyist app transfer?

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Hello, Forum-

Can Storyist be transferred from one computer to another? It's been awhile since I used the app on my old MacBook Air (which barely limps around nowadays - full hard drive). I have no idea what my initial access code is/was. I have a newer MacBook Air now and am not sure if the software license runs to that or what (I would think so, as upgrading a computer can't be an uncommon circumstance, but...).
Maybe an Admin can respond here?

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Yes, it can, so long as the version you have is compatible with the OS on your new Macbook (Storyist 2 is not compatible with El Capitan, e.g.). Download the latest version from http://storyist.com/downloads/ and install it.


If you go to Library > Application Support > Storyist (the Library is hidden by default, but go to your home folder, choose Go to Folder from the Go menu in the Finder, and type ~/Library in the box that appears, and it should show up), see if there's a file called .storyist3license (or storyist2license, depending which version you have). If there is, that's your license code. I think you can just drag it onto the application icon to register it.


If not, or if you encounter any other problem, send an e-mail to support at storyist dot com, and Steve will send you your code.



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