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viewing all index cards at once

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I saw some old threads about this but could not find a current answer.


In the storyboard view, I can see an index card for each chapter all in one group/grid. And I can go into a chapter and see a card for each scene within that chapter as a group/grid. And I can have a split screen view allowing me to see a chapter card on one side and all it's scene cards on the other.


But I can't find a way of seeing a grid of all my scene-level index cards for the whole manuscript all at once. I think I read you can do this on the iPad version. I saw a screenshot where on the iPad you could see all the index cards on one screen, with chapter numbers marked where relevant, this is exactly what I need, but I don't work on the iOS version. I know I can shuffle scenes around in the project view, but my scene-level index cards have more relevant info on them at-a-glance then just the title of the scene that you see in the project view. And because I'm having to reshuffle scenes around, including between chapters, I really want to be able to see a big grid of all my scene cards on one screen so I can easily take in the relevant info for each and then shuffle them around at will throughout the manuscript.


Is there a way to see all my scene-level index cards for the full manuscript in one grid to make rearranging scenes/plot points across the full manuscript easier?




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