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Exporting from Scrivener

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Hello, I am following the instructions of simply opening the Scrivener project in Storyist and the program crashes every time I try. What am I doing wrong?


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I don't know how to fix it, no, but have you tried e-mailing support? In this case, I would write to bugs at storyist dot com (since this obviously isn't intended behavior) with details of what version of the operating system you're running, the model of Mac or iPad you have, and, if you know how to retrieve it, the crash log.



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I've spent the better part of several hours figuring this out. I am not tech savvy. Which is why I'm making the switch from Scrivener 3. I just want to write, not become a programmer. That said, it's been a dagnabbit nightmare, this export madness. Exporting from Scrivener 3 into Storyist wasn't working AND kept crashing. Grrrr. 

Ding-ding-ding: found a trick that made it work. 

Oh, and this is for novels. Any other kind of writing projects, I'm not sure if this will work. Sorry. The genius-boat sailed without me.

I'm not bitter.

Here's what finally worked:

1) Open your project in Scrivener 3. 

2) Click FILE. Dropdown menu opens. Scroll down and hover cursor over EXPORT. Another menu opens. Click last option: AS SCRIVENER 2 PROJECT... (yes, it even has those eclipses)

3) ANOTHER menu box opens, asking WHERE you wanna export.

4) I chose the STORYIST app (mine resembles blue folder. not sure if this is a 'duh' moment, and blue folder icon is standard?) NOTE: you may have to create a Storyist folder in your cloud storage -- mine's in Dropbox.


No crashing. No blank screen. No offer to send a report.

And it all opened up like a gift box: smiles, happy-happy, oooh just what I've always wanted!

I really hope this helps!!


Happy Writing (gah, now I sound like a dork)



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