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Scrivener User Considering Permanent Move to Storyist

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Greetings -- As of this moment I am the newest member of this forum and am looking forward to reading some of the thousands of posts before me. I have been using Scrivener 3 but I'm finding the "overhead" too high for my liking. Although it is feature-rich, I will never use many of its capabilities, and access to those features I do need is not always obvious. In short, I think Scrivener is a fine piece of software, but it often uses up too much of my creative oxygen. In short, when I write with Scrivener, I'm focused on Scrivener. When I write with Storyist, I'm focused on my story.

That is why I'm taking a closer look at Storyist. Some might argue that Scrivener is more capable than Storyist, but I don't believe that is necessarily true. I find the Storyist user interface and command structure more intuitive and that means I am more productive as a writer when I use Storyist than when using Scrivener. I'm in the middle of writing a fairly complex sci-fi novel at the moment and am looking forward to importing my Scrivener file into Storyist in the coming days. I'm looking forward to reading many of the great tips and lessons learned in this forum as I make this journey.

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