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Honestly, I'm not sure why this isn't a standard since its a standard in many word processing software and many specifically dedicated to writing; be it screenplays or otherwise. You can't add a blank text file to a project. Choosing to add a text file only brings up templates, but not an option for a blank text file with no pre-existing formatting.

Though honestly even when you create a "blank project" you think it would populate a blank text file in it, but it doesn't.

This is basic standard features found in other software and Storyist lacks the "basics".

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Hi Kevion,

The "Notebook Entry" template is probably what you're looking for. It's an empty file with basic paragraph styles based on Helvetica.

If you want, you can save this as a template named "Blank" as follows:

  1. Choose File > New > Text File.
  2. Select "Notebook Entry" and click Choose.
  3. Choose File > Save as Template.
  4. Change the name to "Blank."
  5. Click OK.

This template will be available in the template file the next time you create a text file.


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