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Blurb Templates are not visible anywhere

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I just installed Storyist and there are no Blurb templates available to me when creating a new file. All I have available are Blank, Novel, Screenplay, Stage Play. I installed from the Storyist download page, not the apple app store.

Where are the Blurb templates?

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Hi, patamystic, and welcome to the forums!

I don't publish through Blurb, so I may not be completely accurate about this, but I think the Blurb templates are available via the File menu after you create the new project.

So you would choose File > New > Project and define the type of project (novel, screenplay, etc.), by picking the appropriate template. Then you write your book. When you get ready to format the finished file for Blurb as a PDF, you choose File > New > Book with your book project open and access the Blurb templates from there. 



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