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Creating a PDF for Print with Storyist instructions don't match the files that I see

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I've been trying to convert a Storyist novel project into a PDF. Yes, I've read the instructions. Yes, I've searched the forum. The instructions tell us to: 

The first step in creating a PDF for print is to create a new project item to hold your book. To accomplish this, choose File > New > Book. Problem is, that choice isn't available when I first open Storyist. Marguerite suggests creating the project first. Once I chose "Novel", the File>New>Book becomes available, unfortunately, when I add the Blurb choice, it slaps the Blurb choice into the left menu and now I have two items: the manuscript novel sample and the Blurb sample.

Next, the instructions say to add your text.

You can do this either by clicking the Add (+) button at the bottom of the files table and selecting Add Project Files or by simply dragging the file from the Project view to the File table. If you’re following along, go ahead and drag Pride and Prejudice from the Project view.

The Add button doesn't offer the "Add a Project Files" choice even though I clicked through each menu choice. Dragging accomplished nothing, other than to show a green + arrow, but no change.

I was trying to use the Pride and Prejudice Start file.

I figure I’m missing something, but can’t figure out what. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated! 

I'm running Sierra 10.13.6 





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Hi Ginger,

It's probably easiest to show it in action. I've posted a screencast that shows how to 

  • Creating a project from the Novel template
  • Add a PDF book to the project
  • Add your manuscript to the book
  • Add a title page
  • Add a table of contents


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