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iOS / Mac Bugs (Storyist) related to Screenwriting

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Hi. I emailed support a while ago but never heard back. I love Storyist but have a few issues regarding using Storyist on both Mac and iOS in regards to screenwriting.

1. For some reason, when I open a fountain file or Storyist screenplay file on my Mac and iOS they are paginated differently. I don't see why nor a way to fix this?
2. Every time I open a fountain file on iOS it doesn't retain my cursor position of where I left off editing. It defaults to the start of the file. This can be tough if I jump around between projects and have to try to remember where I was working in the script.
3. On Mac version -- if I open the fountain project it creates a pseudo new UNTITLED file so that when I go to save it won't overwrite the very file I opened. Can we have it be that I can open the fountain file and edit it and save it natively?
4. I can't figure out a way to export a PDF of the screenplay from iOS or Mac. Help?
5. Every single time I open Storyist on Mac the "What's New" update splash screen pops up. Is there a way to disable this? I don't see a checkbox for that.

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