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Steve E

Help File Expansion

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This isn't so much a feature request for Storyist as much as a feature request for the Storyist forum.


After reading one of Barnbarroch's comments I was struck by just how much of the Help File seems incomplete. Now I know Steve is very busy, of course, but I was wondering if we Forum members could help him out by submitting parts of the Help file for his approval (time permitting).


Basically, I'm asking for a new Forum, perhaps called "Help File Submissions", whose topics would be Help File topics, which would in turn contain Help File text written by Forum members. Such text would be edited (or ignored) by Steve, and, of course, we members would give up any claim to copyright.


I immediately see three potential problems.

1. Are we just making more work (not less work) for Steve?

2. The need for a set of stylistic guidelines. (E.g., Help Files shouldn't be flippant or verbose.)

3. Ignorance and misconceptions. (It's entirely possible we won't know what we're talking about.)


Just a thought.


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