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Zoe John

Importance of Local SEO?

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The SEO to optimize your website has never been more important than it is these days, the Internet helps you to have such a large business and for business success is essential to have a website optimized to ensure impact that you have a strong online presence. When you configure your website for the first time, it is best to do it in your own language and we design it for users who live in the same country, however, the Internet is global and so your website must be readable, accessible and understood by people around the world.

What is SEO Optimization?

It is a way of writing the content of your website so that it attracts a larger audience. When people search on search engines like Google, two sets of results are displayed, the first (which will be the main highlighted websites and the websites that appear at the bottom right) are paid ads promoting the website. The second set of results (which are the websites that appear in the main body of the search results) are all organic search results, websites that have not paid to be displayed on Google, but have included keywords that people tend to search for on your website. When a website has been optimized, it will most likely appear in organic search results, increasing the number of visitors to your website,

What is local SEO and why is it important?

A person in Mexico is likely to write their website in Spanish, including keywords that Mexicans search in different search engines. While this may mean that the website is perfectly optimized for Mexico, it does not mean that it is for other countries. People from other countries can search with other words, so your website may not appear in the organic search results, on the other hand, they may not be able to read and understand Spanish and therefore the content may be wasted in they. Translating an optimized website into another language is not enough for it to be optimized in that specific country, it will have to be localized SEO for each country in which you want the website to be directed.

How can SEO locate your site?

There are a number of professional SEO services that can optimize and localize your site for you, however many like to do it themselves, especially if your website is small and relatively new. If you want to try to locate your site with SEO, you should:

Do a correct research of the keywords for the specific country towards the country, state or even city to which you are heading.

· Integrate keywords into the content of your website.

· Translate the content, ensuring that the meaning behind the text is maintained and the reader has full knowledge of the website and what it offers.

· Register the website in all the main international search engines.

Doing this will ensure that your website appears in organic searches of the place you want to go and elsewhere.

Benefits of local SEO for your website:

Your website can be seen worldwide, and it will appear in search engine results.

By appearing in organic search results, especially if you appear on the first 3 pages you will make more people aware of your website.

· You will have an increase in traffic on your site. In addition, you will have higher quality visitors, that is, people who are looking to use your services / products.

· You will have a greater number of people using your site and products / services.

· Your website will appear in the organic search results of the place you are going and others.

With so many people using the Internet, can you really afford not to optimize and locate your website?

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