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I trade printed pages of my novel with a small writing group every week. The piece I give my group is almost always defined by sections, meaning they don't ever see just part of a section. Of course, when I print a page range, I also have to print the end of the section before and the beginning of the section after.


It would be great if I could build a print job from sections, especially if the sections didn't have to be connected. So if I had


Section A

Section B

Section C

Section D

Section E


I could choose to print only B and D so that B started at the top of the first page and D ended nothing but white space at the end.


I'm sure workshoppers the world over would appreciate such a feature. When the rest of the world is still copying and pasting into a new document, Storyist users will already be getting feedback.



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Hi rivergod,


Jeremy, FredSmith, you and myself have made this (or a very similar) request/suggestion. I think this sort of selective printing is long overdue. It seems straightforward enough but, in all fairness, I have no idea what the technical problems might be. So I suppose we'll have to wait for Steve (The Busy One) to weigh in on this issue.


Keep those rivers flowing,


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Hi Rivergod,


Support for additional printing controls are a good idea, and as Thoth pointed out, has been requested by several folks here. It is "on the list." It isn't in 2.0, however, so I don't have a timeframe for you.



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While I am shying away from my days work I'd like to express my strongest support to that feature request...

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