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Hello all,


I have been using the Storyist software for a little while, but just now joined the forums.


I have been working on my writing for only a couple years... did NaNoWriMo 2007 and 2008 (got past 50000 both times!) and I am currently doing NaNoEdMo 2009 where I am finally editing my NaNo2007 SciFi novel.


I have tried numerous word processors and novel software and I am liking Storyist so far.


Well... thats my intro.


Happy writing all!

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Greetings Happyslayer, and welcome to the forums.


So you got past 50,000 on both NaNoWriMo 2007 and 2008: ambitious. Most people can't handle the 1,667-words-a-day average required to win a blue ribbon (so to speak).


While you're here, poke around the forums, take your shoes off, spit on the floor, we don't mind. If you have the time perhaps there's a thread you'd like to pick up. Or start your own, perhaps?


You've used Storyist for a while. Is there any new feature you'd like to see? (Look over Feature Requests.) I'm sure Steve would like to hear from you.


Good luck with your novel,

-Thoth (who slays reluctantly and only when they're really asking for it).


P.S. My regards to Stephenie Meyer.

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