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I Think I'm a Clone Now

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So, I have two copies of a manuscript. One I used more extensively for beta testing as a potential trash copy. Trouble is, I think that's the one that I've actually written to most recently, as far as actually story goes.


Rather than going through the two manuscripts side by side, and the notes sections, and everything else, line by line, I thought it might be nice to be able to compare two similar Storyist files to produce a summary page.


The aforementioned summary page would have summary fields with page names, linked to the actual page, and a snippet of text.

Clicking the link for the file would bring up the file and it's equivalent (if it exists) in the other Storyist file, each being clearly labeled and segregated to their own half of the screen.

Somewhere rather obvious would be the files' respective edit dates.


Copying and pasting material from one file or the other to a 'working' page and live-editing them there, is sort of what I originally envisioned with regards to the split view system.




If nothing I've said this far makes sense, just know this; I think it'd be cool to have a simple and quick means of comparing two Storyist files, picking one to be the Chosen copy, and copying over material from the other file, as well as editing all the data on the spot.

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