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  3. I wrote a very long character profile for my main character, and now I can’t open the project file. It’s just greyed out. See attached screenshot.
  4. I am a long-time iPad Storyist 3 user, but a few of the functions are starting to not work so the time has come to upgrade. The reason I have put it off for so long is I am TERRIFIED of losing all my work. I have a lot of files and a lot of words, with comments, index cards etc etc. I know they are all safely backed up on Dropbox, but I want to triple check that there is a foolproof system for transferring them and that they will work seamlessly on Storyist 4, with the same formats, section headings etc. I’ve scanned the website but can’t see a guide to transferring files,
  5. Today, I found out that my version of Storyist for my Mac could not generate a Kindle ebook (.mobi). Turns out I needed to replace my 32-bit KindleGen with 64-bit. And it turns out that Amazon no longer has a direct link to KindleGen. So I googled a bit, and found out how to get the KindleGen in Kindle Publisher. Here is what I did. Download and install the latest Kindle Previewer from Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/gp/feature.html?ie=UTF8&docId=1000765261 In the Applications folder, control-click the Kindle Previewer 3.app and select Open Package Contents from the pop-up menu.
  6. Hello, I am new to Storyist. I have been working on a project using Microsoft Word and would like to copy & paste it into Storyist with the correct novel formatting. Do I need to reformat this work manually, or is there an easy way to automatically format it after copying and pasting it into Storyist? Thank you
  7. No worries. Glad you were able to resolve the problem. -Steve
  8. Hi, Sorry for not coming back before this, I think I've solved the problem, If I have any issues I'll get back Thanks for your input, and again, sorry for the delay in responding
  9. You know that’s exactly it Steve, I took another look at it and it is definitely the zoom level. Thanks for being on the ball, much appreciated 🙂
  10. Hi Versluis, Thanks for the report. The issue is probably that the draft mode zoom factor is set to a very small value. The next time it happens, try pinching to zoom to a more readable value. Several users have reported this. I'm not sure how it gets set so small--perhaps an inadvertent pinch or a bug lurking somewhere in the text system. In any case, the next version of Storyist for iOS limits the smallest setting to a more reasonable value. -Steve
  11. Sorry, didn’t see there was an iPad Troubleshooting section where I should have posted this. This is a bug actually and I though I’d follow up on a fix: after my re-install, I ran into the same issue as before. Turns out when you switch your document into Draft Mode, then close it and open it again, Storyist for iPad doesn’t show anything. Switching back to non Draft Mode shows all text as expected. Just thought I’d let you know - let me know if you need further details.
  12. Just a quick note, and in case this happens to someone else out there: I have recently upgraded to iOS 14, and with it I saw there was a new version of Storyist for iPad. After downloading it, it appeared that the new version didn’t want to display any of my old documents anymore. They opened just fine, but no text was displayed. Strangely, even creating brand new documents with that version behaved the same way. I couldn’t type nor read anything, even though the word counter was counting. The only thing I knew to do was to remove the app and install a fresh version. That works fine,
  13. Thanks Steve, I was able to get it from the download page on your website. Sadly there was nothing in the trash. It’s OK though, I have Storyist 4 working again on my ageing MacBook. Thankfully I still have 3 running alongside it, so I’m covered.
  14. I've been working on a story file in iCloud on a Mac, and nearly wiped out my entire text by being careless for a half second. I was able to to rescue the entire project because I had it synced to my iPhone. I put the phone in flight mode and duplicated the file before it had a chance to sync with the cloud. After this experience, iCloud is strictly a backup area for me, and I've moved my story file to Google Drive. Should anything happen, Google will recover a previous version for me. This works great on the Mac, but the iPhone app won't open the file - it's greyed out. Why?
  15. Hi Jay, Thanks for the feedback. The release notes for version 4.2 had a notice in red that describes the requirements, but it looks like it's missing from 4.2.2. You'll should find your original version in the trash. You can also get version 4.1.3 from the downloads page at https://www.storyist.com/downloads/. -Steve
  16. Hi Steve, I've just picked up Storyist on my old MacBook Pro again. it can't run anything higher than High Sierra. So I launch Storyist 4.1.2 (I think) and get a prompt that a new version is available. Excited by the release notes I hit "Update and relaunch", only to find that I can no longer use it as it requires a newer version of macOS that my hardware does not support. Please add a check to this process so users have a chance to say no. As it stands, I can no longer use Storyist 4 on this hardware. Is there a release archive somewhere that allows me to use the latest compati
  17. Hi nen1000, Thanks for the post. 4.1.3-nano is the NaNoWriMo version. Past experience has taught me not to push a new version during NaNoWriMo. 😀 Now that it's over, version 4.2 is working its way through the CDNs and should be available shortly. If you don't see it, you can always download the latest version directly from the downloads page at https://www.storyist.com/downloads/ -Steve
  18. Topic says it all really. Website says 4.2 is available: https://www.storyist.com/mac/release-notes/ but 4.1.3 (installed) claims to be the newest version available...
  19. Hi Thierry, It looks like you're running the Mac App Store version of Storyist.If you purchased Storyist from the website and have a license code, just download the version of Storyist from the website. Here's the direct link: https://update.storyist.com/downloads/Storyist.dmg.If you run that version, you'll see the dialog with the "Activate License" button. -Steve
  20. Hi all, I purchased the license and have it BUT this "Enter License Code button" does not exist. very frustrating.. I sent a message to support 2 days ago still no answer. I am stuck writing my book because I canot enter the license I bought
  21. Hi kenyang, Yes. In Storyist 4 for macOS, do one of the following: Position the cursor in the Search field in the left sidebar, enter the text you'd like to find, and press return. Position the cursor in some text in your script, choose Edit > Find > Find, and enter the text you'd like to find. -Steve
  22. can I use search function for search my script words? thanks.
  23. Hi kenyang, Unfortunately, Storyist 4 does not support macOS 10.12 Sierra. There isn't a way to change this via the terminal. Storyist 4.1.3 supports macOS 10.13 High Sierra macOS 10.14 Mojave macOS 10.15 Catalina Storyist 4.2 and later supports: macOS 10.14 Mojave macOS 10.15 Catalina macOS 11 Intel macOS 11 Apple Silicon -Steve
  24. Can I use Storyist 4 in macOS 10.12 Sierra?

    I know people cannot use in macOS 10.12 officially. but can I change something to make it possible?such as fix the terminal or some files form Storyist 4?  I have this question because the Chinese type is changed from 10.12 high Sierra. it is not good for me......


  25. I know people cannot use in macOS 10.12 officially. but can I change something to make it possible?such as fix the terminal or some files form Storyist 4? I have this question because the Chinese type is changed from 10.12 high Sierra. it is not good for me...... thanks.
  26. Hi Barynz, Could you let me know which version of Storyist and macOS you're running? This is what I see when running Storyist 4.2.1 on macOS 10.15.7. Resizing column has gotten trickier in recent versions of macOS. In the attached screenshot, for example, you can resize the Ratings column by dragging the left edge to the left and then the right edge to the right. -Steve
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