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  2. how do you save index cards on an ipad?
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  4. Can someone from Storyist reply to this. Maybe with an time/version estimate. Thanks
  5. Just starting atrial of Storyist. Before starting I created text in Pages. Can I import this text into Storyist? Thanks Richard
  6. Hi Writeman, It's not uncommon for parentheticals to be pushed to the next page. Parentheticals (personal direction) don't need to follow the character element, and there can be multiple parentheticals per block of dialog. FWIW, Final Draft handles them the same way. See the attached screenshot (an excerpt from John August's excellent Big Fish). It looks like you might be trying to add mores and continues (MORE and CONT'D). These aren't technically parentheticals even though they're enclosed in parenthesis. The best way to accomplish this would be to duplicate the parenthetical style and edit it so that the pagination is set to "Normal" and the left indent is set to the value you use for the Character style (2 in in the template). -Steve
  7. In the screenshot it clearly shows the parenthetical pushed to the next page without a character name preceding. Big No No. just like an orphaned action line from a slug line.
  8. Then it's not to screenplay spec. You never have a page starting with a parenthetical without a character name immediately preceding. Same with scene headers and action lines.
  9. Hi Writeman, It looks like the pagination in the screenshot above is working as designed. The Character (SAMUEL) is kept with the next paragraph ("He had a big..."). What are you expecting to see here? -Steve
  10. Resurrecting this post! Trying to figure out if this update ever made it? It would certainly make my life so much easier! Thanks!
  11. Any thoughts/update on this? Seems reproducible no matter the setting (both with scene headers, losing their action lines to the next page and the same with parenthetical splitting off dialogue).
  12. Contemplated my previous post in the shower. Perhaps I could put all scenes 70-80 scenes (Point 4) into a single chapter. Not sure what this would mean for other tasks like printing or exporting though?
  13. I found the interface very clean and generally easy to use. Can’t say that I used many of the planning features however what I missed was: 1. Some way to do a timeline. I ended up using tabs in a text document. Tables in text files would have made this easier. I notice some people suggested Aeon Timeline. Not sure I would use this anyway (given that part of the reason for Storyist is simplicity.) 2. Some way to check grammar as easy as spelling. At the moment this seems to be done via pulling up the spelling window using a sub-menu. 3. Integration with referencing (e.g. Bookends) would allow me to use it for non-fiction 4. It would be good to organise my novel via scenes rather than chapters. Chapters are largely added on for the sake of the reader (to me anyway) As noted I used v3.5x but I have just upgraded to v4.1 (on OSX 10.13). I hope it doesn’t crash as much.
  14. Hi Writeman, Does your Character style have the Character pagination setting? This enables the "Keep with next paragraph" setting automatically. To check, just position the cursor in the character style and choose Format > Style > Edit Current Style. -Steve
  15. This was all on my Mac version btw. Included screenshots.
  16. This is still an issue in Aug 2021. I have issues where a character name appears at the bottom of the page and yet the dialogue on the next. I have reproducible issues where Dialogue that has a parenthetical after line 1 pushes line 2 to the next page with no character name or CONT'D. I've even seen scene headers where the action line begins on the next page. Another no no. Seems to be wrong programmatically. I've tried playing with the widow/orphan control and the "keep with next paragraph" to no avail. Standard screenplay format never splits dialogue from the character name, nor does it split a second line of dialogue from a parenthetical without a character name. Seems to be a reproducible bug which renders the screenplay format unusable for me. Can this be fixed with a patch?
  17. It printed the five pages. Can you explain what you mean in this case by lorem ipsum?
  18. Hi CristyD, Ok, let's try this: Create a new project from the novel template and save it. Try to print it. If it doesn't print all of the pages, could you send the project to the support address? I'll be able to see the printer settings. If it does print, please send along one your projects that doesn't. It could be just lorem ipsum if you want. -Steve
  19. Okay! Sad to inform I did everything you asked and now it won't print at all, not even the three pages it use to. I down loaded 4.2.2 ,and my printer set up says 'any printer'. It doesn't work. I hope I don't have to wait until more people have this happen to them to be able to have a solution provided to me. I have a lap top and a desk computer. As my stories are in the iCloud of Storyist I can access them from either one, and sadly I can't print from either on of the computers. I truly believe it's your software, if not, how come I can print form other formats google.docs, word, etc...? Thank you!
  20. Another thought: Before printing or creating a PDF, try setting your print format in Page Setup to "Any Printer." -Steve
  21. Hi CristyD, Unfortunately, this is the first report for this problem, so I'm not sure what to suggest. You mentioned this is a new issue. Do you remember when it started? E.g., was it after an OS update or after getting a new Mac? Storyist 4.2.3 was released in April. If you think that might have been the point, could you try version 4.2.2, which was released in December of 2020. -Steve
  22. i have no idea what you are talking about. Version 10.15.6 It can't be the network of the printer because i can print anything except from Storyist
  23. Hi CristyD, It would be helpful to know when the problem appeared, e.g. after an OS update. What version of macOS are you running? If the truncation happened in one file, I would suspect a stray non-printable character at page 3. (You can check by turning on invisibles, if you think that might be an issue.) The sample text in the novel template is 5 pages. Is the PDF for that file truncated too? I'd be happy to look at it PDF if you'd like. Since this is happening in more than one project, I suspect it's something with the OS/print driver. If you have another printer on your network, could you try printing to it? If not, please let me know if you're using the built-in driver for the LaserJet or installed the HP software. -Steve
  24. I already tried and from the pdf it only prints three pages as well. I even tried printing three pages at a time, and still it will only do the first three and not a single page more. And it is happening in all my manuscripts, I have many. This is a new issue. It was not like this before. So I'm wondering if this is not an issue of Storyist's software. The version I have is Storyist 4.2.3 And the printer is HP Color Laserjet CP5225dn
  25. Hi CristyD, I can help with that. Could you let me know what version of macOS you're running and what model printer? One thing you could try would be to create a PDF and print that. That would help rule out the printer. Try this: Navigate to your manuscript. Choose File > Print. Click the PDF drop-down button and choose "Open in Preview." Does the PDF contain all your text? If so, what happens when you print the PDF from Preview? -Steve
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