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    My interests are writing my novel, listening to music. having fun. watching horror movies, and I love the writings of the mastermind Stephen King.
    1. moondance81


      This is a page done by a fan of my work. :) Google Murder Under A Dark Sky to find more :) I also have videos on youtube

  1. Feel free to check out my work on here. .:) I now have a video about my book on Youtube.. everything is happening.. :) I have not been on here in awhile. But Please if anyone wants to know more don't hesitate to ask. :)

  2. Thank you Thoth, I hope more people will stop by and tell me what they think of my story, I am very new here so It is all new to me. All the best to you and your endeavours.
  3. CHAPTER 1 Time doesn’t stand still, it keeps rolling on by, the people in the this town are either zombies or back stabbers, or mindless souls that surprises me that has lived this far. We live in the age of liars, cheats, and stealers. I’m no choir boy myself, but I take action on these streets, the murderers taste there blood, and they think they get away with it, getting away with the lives they disregard like soggy tissues. The murders, the rapist, the tortures are truly the scum of our society. You may call me John Thompson, I fight crime, I see crime... I am the law. Its 3 am, and I
  4. Thank you for the advice, its done.. I am just trying to get good word of mouth going up there. Thanks
  5. Greetings all, My name is Liz and I am from Australia.. I am pretty new to this site so bare with me. I am currently writing a crime novel. I am pretty serious about. I have been accepted by Raiders International. I have not signed the contract on the dotted line.. I am looking at all avenues, and I want to make my book the best it can be. I have a facebook page about my book and I also have put my first chapter on my website I have just recently created. for those of you that are interested in reading it, or just want to have a chat and tell me whats what then inbox me.. I hope you
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