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  1. Much thanks Steve: I did all you mentioned. Where I wasn't certain was when I had the text situation. Using a different writing program a while ago, I accidentally erased some of the tutorials and now had the issue of possibly doing this again. So thankfully you came to my rescue and now i'm ready to start using this program to see how it works. Appreciate the NaNo special time frame for the NaNo trial version, much thanks. Thank you for being here for me and the rest of the Storiest users, safe travels and many blessings.
  2. I've been looking through the help files and so far getting started with NaNoWriMo already in progress isn't happening. There seems to be nowhere to do any writing other than getting rid of the help files. So where do you start writing, adding chapters, and find the other places to add the information for the Novel templet which seems to be nothing but help files in the wrong place? Much thanks for the help.
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