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  1. I looked in the Preferences, but didn't find a way to turn off the colored lines that appear when you spell something wrong or have a grammar issue. In Microsoft Word I turn it off so I can focus on writing and edit it later. Is this a feature and if so where can I turn it off at? EDIT FOUND IT: Go to >> Edit >> Spelling >> 'Uncheck each item"
  2. So when you go to (menu): FILE > NEW You can see a list of items: Project Text File Story Sheet Book Folder Window When you click "Text File" or "Story Sheet" it brings up the following window (both the same): However, selecting any "template" for either option (Text File or Story Sheet; e.g. "Novel") produces the same file outcome added to the project: Why the redundancy? If both options insert the same exact file (text document) to the project it looks like a waste of "space" and bad "designing" (layout). Now in the Storyist Help (menu > Help > Storyist Help) it describes a Story Sheet as: However, as I mentioned selecting "Story Sheet" from the menu doesn't display anything about a Character, setting, etc. sheet. By the definition in the "help file" storyist; it doesn't actually insert a story sheet (or give the option to select an actual story sheet: character, setting, etc.) to insert in the project. Currently, the only way to add a Story Sheet (didn't test hotkeys; if any) is by right-clicking in the "Project list" and selecting "Story Sheet" which brings up the correct window:
  3. Honestly, I'm not sure why this isn't a standard since its a standard in many word processing software and many specifically dedicated to writing; be it screenplays or otherwise. You can't add a blank text file to a project. Choosing to add a text file only brings up templates, but not an option for a blank text file with no pre-existing formatting. Though honestly even when you create a "blank project" you think it would populate a blank text file in it, but it doesn't. This is basic standard features found in other software and Storyist lacks the "basics".
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