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  1. Over time I discovered that out the slowness wasn't limited to switching between outline mode and text mode. Sometimes Storyist 4 on the Mac simply freezes, often for more than a minute. If I wanted to keep working, I was reduced to a Force Quit of the application since it wasn't responding at all. I limped along for a couple of months in the hope of a new release. Eventually, in the absence of any fix (or even a response to my original post), I settled on the simple solution of reverting to Storyist 3. Problem solved. Regards, Allan
  2. Switching from text to outline in Storyist 4 (12561) is painfully slow on my 2016 MacBook Pro running Mojave (10.14.3). It takes almost 30 seconds to switch to outline mode, and the same to switch back to text mode. I never particularly noticed the delay in Storyist 3. Regards, Allan
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