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  1. Thank you for the response. widows/orphans in Styles was a helpful clue. Overall, we are having a difficult time counting on Storyist to keep it's formatting exactly the same when we output to PDF, and also when we switch to iPad. For those reasons, we are looking for other software.
  2. in the didacted 3 page file I attached, it seems the unwanted action is only happening on the 2nd page. Can you tell me why it's different on the iPad from the iMac?
  3. Hello, We are on the latest Storyist on iPad and iMac. We are having a very distressing issue. The iPad opens the same file as desktop (through iCloud), set to the same "US Letter", but the pagination (or page interpretation) is not the same. We have painstakingly formatted correctly on iMac, only to have it be presented incorrectly on iPad. For every page on the desktop, the iPad "page" seems to be exactly one line "smaller", thus pushing the last line of text on page 1 to page 2. But ONLY on the iPad. Every page on the iPad pushes one line of text to the next page. This is r
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