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  1. I love the comments feature and I use it a lot. I would love to be able to view comments by section or chapter. For example, if I have a section selected, then the list of comments in the inspector would only show the comments in that section. I don't know if this is possible given that Storyist treats the whole manuscript as a single file? One way I have found to see the comments for a specific section is the storyboard. The problem I run into with the storyboard method is that clicking the comment in the storyboard does not jump you to the text in the manuscript.
  2. Hi Steve, No problem, just sent the email.
  3. I like to use the Draft Layout in fullscreen view to focus on the text remove distractions like page breaks and headings. Is there a way to increase the margins in Draft view? I prefer to not have the text stretch across the entire screen, especially when I connect to a larger screen. As a work around, I used the ruler to increase the margins, but that messed up the formatting when I switched back to Page Layout. Any help/suggestions appreciated!
  4. I updated Sunday. The highlights look great now! Thanks.
  5. Hi There, I can't see highlighted text in dark mode. The yellow highlight isn't dark enough on the white text. Is there a way to change the highlight color in dark mode? Or make highlighted text darker? Thanks for your help!
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