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  1. It printed the five pages. Can you explain what you mean in this case by lorem ipsum?
  2. Okay! Sad to inform I did everything you asked and now it won't print at all, not even the three pages it use to. I down loaded 4.2.2 ,and my printer set up says 'any printer'. It doesn't work. I hope I don't have to wait until more people have this happen to them to be able to have a solution provided to me. I have a lap top and a desk computer. As my stories are in the iCloud of Storyist I can access them from either one, and sadly I can't print from either on of the computers. I truly believe it's your software, if not, how come I can print form other formats google.docs, word, etc...? Thank you!
  3. i have no idea what you are talking about. Version 10.15.6 It can't be the network of the printer because i can print anything except from Storyist
  4. I already tried and from the pdf it only prints three pages as well. I even tried printing three pages at a time, and still it will only do the first three and not a single page more. And it is happening in all my manuscripts, I have many. This is a new issue. It was not like this before. So I'm wondering if this is not an issue of Storyist's software. The version I have is Storyist 4.2.3 And the printer is HP Color Laserjet CP5225dn
  5. I can not print more than 3 pages from my computer and it only happens with your soft ware. Please help me out.
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